Catherine OxleyPhoto: Canadian Living Magazine

Etienne Interiors began when Catherine Oxley brought her parallel careers in the fashion industry, television hosting and IT programming into a new journey as a design entrepreneur.

As a Ford model, Catherine appeared on runways and print campaigns for top designers and high-end brands.  Through this work she was fortunate to have been a regular on City TV appearing on 'Fashion Fridays' nationwide.  Experiencing the styles, fabrics and accessories that define trends and how they are brought together through art direction shaped Catherine’s own sense of style and design, teaching her to remain flexible and open.

This was brought into sharper focus as the co-host of Divine Restoration.  Travelling across North America, “Divine” brought communities together through building projects for historically and culturally important churches.  The joy brought to congregants through their own work, supported by expertise and resources, was universal and heartwarming, bringing smiles and tears in the smallest rural towns and the largest urban cities.

Catherine was struck that good design could impact a community so profoundly.  What really hit home was experiencing how both the process and the end result of renovating a space could also restore the soul.

Through Divine and her many design projects since, Catherine honed her craft through hands-on command from design, 3-D modelling, sourcing and execution.  If it’s a skill, she learns it – if it’s a tool, she wants it!

Floors, walls, painting, construction, high-end luxury or high quality on a dime, she's done it all.  Working with clients she sets realistic goals and expectations with the understanding of the work required to deliver on time and on budget.

Today, Catherine leads a team of design professionals, select global suppliers and high quality contractors.  Together they provide residential and commercial design and execution services to clients locally and internationally.

Ever expanding, the Etienne Interiors shop is a new vehicle to assist clients with an online resource for unique home decor, vintage and antique furnishings, and a space to channel the style and design discoveries of Catherine and her team.

"Etienne Interiors has brought all my creative outlets together into one focus – how to make our spaces liveable and loveable.  Technology, fashion and interior design supporting eachother to define dreams and then make them come true!  Tell me yours!"


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