Interior Design. Etienne Interiors offers a wide variety of services to help your home project come to life.  We can be involved as little or as much as you require.  We work with architects and builders on your renovation projects to provide design decisions and support throughout your renovation.  Or, perhaps you are a DIYer who has a concept in mind but needs assistance in putting all of your ideas together, we offer 3D rendering services to help you visualize your project before you get started.  We work with many clients remotely in this way, so whether you are located in the greater Toronto area, or perhaps on the other side of Canada or the US, we can work with you online to provide drawings, buying lists and other tools to assist you.

Space Planning. Have you purchased a new home and are wondering how you can make all of your existing furniture work in the new space? Are you bored with your current layout and want to shake things up with a new flow to give your space a facelift? Space planning is an important part of design and something we provide in every project. Many times, the layout of a room dictates where furnishings can be positioned, but often, another approach can be taken which will maximize your space and better suit the way you live. Etienne Interiors can provide floorplans of your space which indicate the best placement of your pieces to solve your design dilemmas.

3D Renders. Etienne Interiors uses a 3D imaging tool to provide clients with rich images of their completed design.  This assists clients in visualizing thir project before any work begins.  This can include a full buying list complete with furnishings and paint colours for you to have in hand when shopping for your project.  This tool is invaluable to us as we can fine tune the design and take any guess work out of the final delivery of your space.

Furniture Sourcing. Our passion is sourcing!  This can include sourcing furniture, lighting and arts amongst other items for your space.  We work with several partners both in the area and abroad to find the perfect pieces for our clients.  You can also shop our finds here on the Etienne Interiors website.  We are pleased to also offer items listed in 'The Refinery' section of this website which includes vintage and antique pieces that we have sourced both here and abroad.  It is sometimes difficult to find the "perfect" piece given the space you are working with.  This can result in hours of online searching and still coming up empty handed.  Etienne Interiors has expertise in this area given the relationships we have formed with many providers of quality furnishings.  It would be our pleasure to assist you in this regard.


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