French 19th Century Globe De Mariage

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French 19th Century Globe De Mariage


The tradition of Globe de Mariée began in France in the 1800’s. It served as a display for married couples to preserve their wedding souvenirs. It could hold the bride's crown/tiarra or hold fresh or waxed flowers from the bouquet. The piece was then covered by a very fine thin hand blown glass dome.

The bride & groom chose items for their personalized display such as mirrors and gold plated cut-outs (ormolu). Each item had a special meaning only to the couple and told the story of their special union. The contents of the globe such as the types of flowers and mirrors, represented different aspects of their hopes and dreams together.

This globe de mariage has the following meaning:

Leaves: Longevity of the Marriage Union.
Orange Blossoms: Virginity.
Daisies: for purity and innocence.
Fig Leaves: for prosperity.
Four Leaf Clover: Good Fortune
Sheaves of Wheat: fertility, and also to the resurrection of life.
The Bird holding a laurel wreath: symbolized “that as a bird makes its nest, so does the woman build her family.”

The mirrors and placement also had special meaning. In this globe the trapezoidal mirror placed in the bottom centreevoked the reflection of the soul, symbolizing the truth. The trapezoidal mirror symbolized the perfect agreement.

These pieces are highly collected and it is rare to find the domes in good condition. The glass domes were extremely fragile, so to be able to obtain a display with a dome is quite rare.


Dimensions:H 43cm


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