Spring 2018 One Room Challenge / The Reveal / Vintage Glam Designer's Office

Spring 2018 One Room Challenge / The Reveal / Vintage Glam Designer's Office

One Room Challenge

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What is the One Room Challenge?  Linda from Calling it Home created this challenge years ago for herself and friends to design and complete one room in 6 weeks.  They are now on their 13th season!  The challenge is now a bi-annual nationwide event that House Beautiful has partnered with ORC to follow 20 featured designers as well as guest participants like me!

The Reveal

Wow, here we are at the 6 week reveal of my Vintage Glam Designer's Office.  Honestly, where did the time go?  As I sit in this room, I am quite proud of the transformation I was able to accomplish in the last weeks.  Please click on the links above for previous blog entries of the room's progress.

This project was incredibly ambitious as it involved an extensive amount of furniture refinishing as well as painting and styling.  I was unable to complete my feature wall and decided to leave the wall white as I do plan on completing the custom wood moulding, and its easier to see my chalk lines on a white wall!)  

But let's focus on all the great work that I was able to complete in my new office.  Here are the reveal photos!

Deciding to paint the entire room in Benjamin Moore's "Teal" was a big decision but I'm so glad I went for it!

A cherished family heirloom that my husband's grandparents brought to Canada from England over 100 years ago

My daughter is a gifted artist.  She painted this portrait of me for a recent art project
and the colours couldn't be more complimentary for the room

The refinishing of my Louis XVI desk was quite time consuming, but she is
gorgeous now with her new chartreuse desktop and ebony stained frame

I love the way all of the colours work together in this room to create a rich space brimming with character

The chandelier was a last minute find and is incredible!  The glass prisms illuminate beautifully on this
1920's inspired French light fixture.  Purchase yours now on our website - Etienne Clear Glass Prism Round Chandelier

My beloved hand made luxury Italian crepe paper peony (available soon on my website!)

This vintage French daybed lay under the stairs in our basement for over 2 years!  This challenge motivated
me to finally give her the attention she deserves and she is gorgeous now!

You'd never know these French inspired linens are actually from Ikea!

This was a satisfying DIY project.  I finally had a chance to upholster with elegant French double welt

I just love the bronze accents on this desk


My little guy was excited about reveal day too!  Helped me with the photography :)

Inspirational books and heirloom ceramic vases (love that blue)

I'm looking forward to creating some interesting artwork with this vintage letter set

I picked up these ceramic drapery sconces some time ago at an auction with no where to put them.  Finally they have a home

What I love about this room is that every view has an interesting vignette

My new office hits all the functionality I was looking for.  A place for me to focus and work, a place for my toddler
to draw and read books, and an additional sleeping area for impromptu guests :)


Thank you for tuning in for this edition of the One Room Challenge.  It has been an amazing experience and I can't wait to participate again in the fall.  I hope you will continue to visit my blog for more DIYs and inspiration as I continue exploring the exciting world of design.

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